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Book Title: GRACE

add_book1For some reason I liked Harry, but I didn’t know much about construction, so I really couldn’t speak intelligently on the subject. I tried to make small talk anyway.

“The other night I overheard you and your compatriots talking about some kind of room. What’s that all about?”

“The room is special. The room is filled with all kinds of treasures. It’s got things from the Civil War, old beer bottles, a piece of the Challenger, and hundreds of one-of-a-kind articles…

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Book Title: Love – 40 

add_book2Where am I? What s happened? Celeste could feel the dirt floor pressing against her cheek. Through foggy vision, she could see she was lying on the floor of a deserted barn that once had served as a refuge from the bitter Iowa winters for cattle and other farm animals. The smell of animal excrement still lingered.

She tried to get up but couldn t. She soon learned that her wrists had been manacled behind her back. She wanted to struggle but had not regained sufficient strength to attempt it. She lay there listening yet heard nothing but the blustering wind that relentlessly came and went through the loft..

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Book Title: ACADEMIC SHARECROPPERS: Exploitation of Adjunct Faculty and the Higher Education System


After nearly three decades of working in the higher education system for many colleges and universities, primarily as an adjunct professor (academic sharecropper), because I am a business and management consultant, this insider believes there is a story that needs to be told about the exploitation of adjunct faculty, students, and the general public. This book is a culmination of observations, experiences, research, and teaching at the college/university level. Higher education, as well as the health care system, are out of control and have been for quite some time.  Greed and insatiable egos drive nearly all decisions regarding higher education. Unfortunately, the public hardly flinches when tuition is increased.  Colleges and universities, with impunity, raise the cost…

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Book Title: How to Build A Southwestern House

Insulation (Netting and Biffing)

It is difficult to overemphasize the need to properly insulate a house.  Builders generally try to cut corners by providing only minimal amounts of insulation, but that is a disservice to the customer, because the house owner will pay a lot more over time in energy costs than what the extra insulation costs.  It would seem to me that the least a builder could do is inform a potential customer of the extra cost involved, so that the person could make an informed judgment.  Though I don’t consider myself to be a “green freak,” I do think of myself as a responsible human being…

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Book Title: Rainbows From the Heart


This is a ten-year collection of poems, 34 in all, which were originally intended for the eyes of my wife, Grace, but she thought that others should be allowed to read what I had written for her; therefore, the poems were published.

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Book Title: The New Emerging Credit Union World


MODERN CREDIT UNIONS OF TODAY HAVE LITTLE RESEMBLANCE TO THOSE OF YESTERYEAR, SO THE CREDIT UNION WORLD IS EMERGING AS A FINANCIAL FORCE. Out of necessity, these financial organizations have become sophisticated and complex so that these institutions can practice a robust cooperative capitalism, which is a form of economic activity which helps neuter some of the criticisms of pure capitalism. In this form of capitalism profit is a secondary or even tertiary goal but nevertheless necessary. The credit union world now can compete with community and even mega banks quite effectively. In the early stages of the evolution of credit unions, those cooperatives emphasized the concepts of thrift and savings…

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Book Title: THOUGHT PROVOKING LESSONS OF LIFE: True Short Stories from the Real World


As an old Clay County country boy from Doctors Inlet, Florida, I’ve learned a lesson or two about the vagaries of life. I’ve experienced and seen many good things in my 67 years, as well as some things which did not go quite so well. Let’s just say I, like many of you who read this book, have had some very thought provoking lessons of life.As a youngster in Clay County, which is just south of Jacksonville, Florida, I saw and experienced some good and bad like most. Though things were not great when I was just a child, I really didn’t know much better at the time…

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Book Title: The Credit Union World


Advance Praise for —

THE CREDIT UNION WORLD: Theory, Process, Practice—Cases & Application

“Credit union board members and executives will want to put this book on their priority reading list.  Drawing on twenty-five years of experience as a board member of a highly progressive credit union, Wendell Fountain thoughtfully examines a wide range of subjects that are central to credit union success.  The book is timely and filled with fresh ideas…

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Book Title: UPS and DOWNS: That’s Life on Earth!


Since I’m not a Muslim Islamist extremist who wants to kill all infidels, I can’t imagine what I would do with 72 virgins if I were such a person. At my age I’m lucky to take care of my one wife! Besides, virgins, what a mess! Before I really get started with this book, I think it is important to focus on the craziness of everyday happenings which lack any semblance of logic or reasoning.

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Book Title: Clay County Country Boy


In 1950 it was an especially cold January in CLAY COUNTY of northeast Florida. Clay Lincoln was awakened by slices of sunlight which, along with the frigid wind, swept through cracks in the wall of the small wood constructed four room house. He could hardly wait to get up and out with his new single-shot BB gun he got for Christmas. When his feet hit the floor, the cold linoleum made its presence known. The only thing worse was taking a tub bath in the middle of the room. He hopped and skipped into the tiny living room where the wood-burning Red-Hot heater was aglow.

“Mother, what you cook’n?” Clay asked.
“Can’t ya tell it’s bacon and eggs? You got someplace to go?” May Rae, said with a smile.
“I wanna shoot my BB gun,” Clay said with a grin.

She said, looking at him sternly, “I don’t think you’re old enough for a BB gun, even if it’s a singleshot. Besides, you kill too many little birds, and you’d better not kill any of the red ones—not my

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It is only fitting that I begin this book by thanking God and those great patriots before me. It was God and they who breathed life into the Bill of Rights on December 15, 1791, and the First Amendment of the Constitution…

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