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THE CREDIT UNION WORLD: Theory, Process, Practice—Cases & Application

“Credit union board members and executives will want to put this book on their priority reading list.  Drawing on twenty-five years of experience as a board member of a highly progressive credit union, Wendell Fountain thoughtfully examines a wide range of subjects that are central to credit union success.  The book is timely and filled with fresh ideas.  It presents contemporary theories and findings from business authors inside and outside the credit union industry.  Especially valuable are the cases at the end of chapters: they address provocative issues and include lively dialogue about alternative solutions to problems.”  Bob Hoel, Executive Director, The Filene Research Institute–Madison, Wisconsin

“Sit down with Dr. Wendell Fountain, a credit union insider, as he talks with you about the leadership & management of credit unions.  Read along with him, as his years of research & experience are transferred to you as the chapters literally flow off the pages and into your thought processes.  This book is the “Reality Show” for the CU World!!  His case studies reflect real-life insight into differing views & opinions of today’s CU situations.  What took me 15 months of HRM graduate school to learn, he covered in one chapter. . . . This is a complete year of graduate business school.”  Larry Myers—Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee of VyStar Credit Union & past Chairman of the Board as well as Legislative Assistant for State Legislator Aaron Bean of Florida—Fernandina, Florida

“In my humble opinion I would strongly recommend this book as required reading for all volunteers & management.  It is an excellent resource for every volunteer from the most recently appointed/elected to the oldest and most seasoned; extremely well written by a seasoned veteran who not only knows theory but has practiced it as well.”  Bill Carroll—Chairman of the Board of Bossier Federal Credit Union–Bossier City, Louisiana

“An excellent contemporary and insightful look into the credit union movement Past & Present—a must read for credit union industry professionals and volunteers.”  John A. Vardallas, CAE, CUDE—Founder/CEO The AmericanBoomeR Group – Credit Union Business Strategist/Consultant—Madison, Wisconsin

“I think this book represents an excellent overview of the credit union industry.  Most if not all chapters make reference to actual events, services, or subsidiary services. . . . As a long time credit union employee I was captivated by these specific references. . . The book could act as a great training tool for new or existing board members due to its comprehensive nature.  It covers many topics of great relevance to both large and small credit unions and references many operational perspectives that most credit unions have yet to explore or simply ignore.  Your overall knowledge of the industry is obviously excellent and the fact you’ve been on the board of a very large credit union legitimizes the contents of the book.”  James P. Hartman, President/CEO
Cardinal Community Credit Union—Mentor, Ohio

“Dr. Fountain’s latest anthology on the credit union world is insightful, instructional, & controversial enough to make it mandatory reading for those learning about credit unions, credit union leaders, and those who wish to set the stage for the movement’s future.  His quarter century of unique credit union experience and scholarship affords a rare point of view for his new work which provides a veritable A-Z of ‘The Credit Union World,’ past and future.”  James H. Park, President & CEO Credit Union 24, Inc—Tallahassee, Florida