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Free Preview Clay County Country Boy

In 1950 it was an especially cold January in CLAY COUNTY of northeast Florida. Clay Lincoln was awakened by slices of sunlight which, along with the frigid wind, swept through cracks in the wall of the small wood constructed four room house. He could hardly wait to get up and out with his new single-shot BB gun he got for Christmas. When his feet hit the floor, the cold linoleum made its presence known. The only thing worse was taking a tub bath in the middle of the room. He hopped and skipped into the tiny living room where the wood-burning Red-Hot heater was aglow.

“Mother, what you cook’n?” Clay asked.
“Can’t ya tell it’s bacon and eggs? You got someplace to go?” May Rae, said with a smile.
“I wanna shoot my BB gun,” Clay said with a grin.

She said, looking at him sternly, “I don’t think you’re old enough for a BB gun, even if it’s a singleshot. Besides, you kill too many little birds, and you’d better not kill any of the red ones—not my